Constitution and Rules

The club shall be known as Navenby Junior Football Club, hereafter referred to as the ‘Club’

  • The aim of the Club shall be to provide the opportunity for young persons to participate in association football regardless of their gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity.The business of the Club shall be conducted subject to the rules, regulations and byelaws of the game and it shall be affiliated to the Lincolnshire County Football Association.

  • The Club shall be governed in accordance with the rules, regulations, byelaws and practices of the Football Association and the Laws of the Game, by a Management Committee, hereafter referred to as the committee. The committee shall consist of one representative from each team together with such persons as shall be nominated, seconded and duly elected by those persons entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  • The committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members as it sees fit.

  • The committee shall elect a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Five committee members shall constitute a quorum.

  • The committee shall have the power to delegate any of its powers to a sub committee or emergency committee as it sees fit.

  • Issues shall be decided by means of a simple majority In the event of the committee being unable to reach a decision; the Chair shall have a ‘casting vote’ in addition to his/her normal vote.

  • The Annual General Meeting shall take place not more than thirteen months from the date of the previous Annual General Meeting, at such a place and time as is notified by the Secretary.

  • The accounts will be audited and presented to the Annual General Meeting.

  • Persons entitled to vote at the meeting shall be any person connected with the Club, whether by way of parentage or guardianship of players, past or present committee members and officers, together with any other such person who can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the committee a genuine interest in the welfare of the club, its players and its aims.

  • The Club shall be non-profit making. Donations and receipts shall be utilised at the discretion of the committee in the furtherance of Rule 2.

  • In the event that the Club hall cease to function in the manner as at Rule 2 then the assets of the Club, after the deduction of lawful debts, shall be distributed to charitable or other good causes, sporting or otherwise at the discretion of the committee, sub-committee, emergency committee or quorum.

  • Each player registered with the Club will be charged a signing on fee, which shall include a contribution towards the cost of player’s insurance. The total figure shall be reviewed annually and amended accordingly with the consent of the Management Committee.

  • The Club will maintain Public Liability insurance in accordance with that provided by the Lincolnshire FA.

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